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Background and Premise:

This idea was inspired by the announcement of Amazon acquiring Whole Foods. Given Amazon’s presence as an online retailer, I wanted to interpret the action of shopping for groceries as a mobile experience.

Core considerations: clarity and convenience; app should present an improvement to the experience of shopping

Primary shopping objective: to have the ingredients to create a meal at home

How can this app bring the user closer to that end experience?

  • Providing a clearer connection between groceries and the meals that will be created with those groceries
  • Meals are made through recipes, perhaps this connection can be highlighted by featuring recipes in the app

Elements of convenience (as inspired by Amazon’s experience)

  • Ease of finding desired object
  • Quick shipping
  • Ability to shop from anywhere
  • Straightforward interface
  • Clear visual hierarchy of information and navigational structure
  • Customized shopping experience (saved items, lists, recommended items, suggested items)



User needs

Who are the users? Whole Foods customers

Who are Whole Foods customers? Information gleaned through research into Whole Foods’ background and values (Source: Whole Foods) indicated that shoppers are people who are more conscious about the food that they consume, more health aware, and able to pay a premium for organic and more naturally cultivated food items.

App should consider these users, perhaps by incorporating a UX component that reinforces/displays the attributes of the food that is important to customers

Things to include/consider:

  • An easily navigable interface
  • Quick access to merchandise
  • Ability to curate lists for shopping/coupons
  • Access to recipes
  • Recommended items/suggested items that would reinforce the objective of shopping with the end goal of creating a meal
  • A sense of convenience, peace of mind that this shopping experience is an improvement on the traditional method of grocery shopping
  • Introduce the Whole Foods shopping experience to a generation of consumers who have become used to online convenience

Functional Specifications

  • Shopping list
  • Merchandise browse/search function
  • Coupon browsing
  • Recipe browsing
  • Recommended lists/ personalized suggestions
  • Clear navigation functions

Application flows

Example of shopping flow

Interface design


Visual design

The visual design of the app was informed by the different components of Whole Foods’ current brand identity:

  • Primary brand colors: green and white
  • Fonts and wordmark
  • Clear and light imagery
  • High-quality product photography


The color scheme of the app went through a number of iterations before being finalized.

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