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This project was an exercise in applying updated design elements to an outdated product interface. The GE Apprentice app is a mobile application meant for use as a quick reference tool for engineers who are at work in the field. In its current form, the app presents a number of immediate issues:

  • Outdated UI
  • Inefficient navigational structure
  • Inefficient data input flow



I defined my primary goals for this project to be the following:

  • Streamline input flow
  • Update the user interface
  • Provide the user with necessary information as quickly as possible





User needs

  • Efficiency
  • Quick access to tools
  • Low learning curve


Functional specs/content requirements


  • Ohm’s Law (Unit selection, value input)
  • Area (Unit selection, value input)
  • Length (Unit selection, value input)
  • Mass (Unit selection, value input)
  • NEMA Enclosure chart (Reference chart)

Calculators (Phase select, current input, voltage input)

  • Transformers
  • Starters
  • Motor Data
  • Wire size


Interaction design

Interface design

In assessing the application’s interface, I decided to retain the overall structure of the layout in order to lessen the learning curve required when interacting with the interface. Improvements were made in the design of the input pathways to make it easier for app users to calculate the necessary information.


Visual design

The visual design was informed by General Electric’s general brand identity ( This informed the colors fonts, and general aesthetic of the application. End goal was to make app comparable in appearance and functionality to the other apps offered by GE.

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