Development Process

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Good products and services provide the individuals within a population the opportunity to enhance or augment their lived experiences. The potential of this opportunity is defined by how well the user is able to engage with the product. As a designer, one is obligated to facilitate the nature of this interaction by crafting an experience that can be mutually beneficial to both the user and the product/service.

In my view, crafting this experience is best accomplished by assessing the components of a product in order to understand what the core objectives are at an abstract level. Defining and understanding the users of a product is also a key way to ensure that what is being designed considers the traits, behaviors, and characteristics of those who will actively engage with the product.

In following these principles, I like to employ a process that is derived from the Elements of User Experience as a development framework due to its emphasis on the creation of a tangible product upon a foundation of well defined concepts and product objectives. I begin with this framework and modify each stage according to the specific needs of each project.

2018. Inspired by the occurrence of natural weather events in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands. Natural Kettle is a kitchen accessory meant for use in homes without ready access to gas or electricity.
The body of the kettle is made from a heat-resistant ceramic to preserve the integrity of the kettle with repeated use.
The contents of the kettle are heated via an ignited chafing fuel canister. The base on which the kettle stands acts as the housing unit for the fuel canister. When the canister is ignited, the kettle is placed on top of the base to warm the containing liquid.
A groove at the front of the kettle is coated with a thermochromic paint that changes color as the liquid is heated, providing a visual liquid level and temperature indicator.
The lid of the kettle is held in place via a magnet that attaches to a metal plate embedded in the handle of the kettle.
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