Bullet Mouse

2017. The Bullet Mouse concept was borne out of a desire to challenge the conventions of traditional desktop input devices. Studies have shown that users are more prone to hand and wrist injuries with repeated use of standard non-ergonomic input devices. The form of the mouse was derived from an observation on how the hand orients itself in a natural relaxed state. This gave way to the vertical form of the device.
The mouse would be covered in a capacitive outer layer that allows for touch sensitivity, and underneath would be a board that contains physical buttons to allow for tactile feedback.
The form of the mouse was 3D printed as a way to experience this concept in practice. The insides of a standard Bluetooth mouse were deconstructed and placed within the housing of the model. This allowed for user testing in regards to controlling the movement of a mouse cursor.
The mouse would be usable for left and right handed individuals, with the input orientation controlled by software.
View of prototype in usage scenario. Mouse is meant to fit comfortably in the hands of a user with their wrist in a natural upright position.
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