2018 – Yeezy Gone Mobile | Yanko Design
2017 – Press Feature: Praxis I Chair in ArsCityBlog
2016 – Silver Winner – A’ Design Awards: Praxis I Chair
2013 – Interview with Emory University WNN Magazine
2009 – Interview with Clayton News Daily


Hi 👋🏿👋🏽👋🏻


I’m a designer who is passionate about the “why” of design-  how the function of a product is driven by good research and a set of core objectives. As an alumni of Emory University with a degree in Psychology, my desire to create useful and meaningful products comes from an understanding of how the mind interprets its lived experiences. Crafting positive experiences for others who experience difficulties or challenges with the systems they interact with gives so much meaning to the work I do each day.


I like to use my spare time to participate in causes that use design thinking to combat social issues in the local community. Most recently I’ve done this as a current chapter organizer for the OpenIDEO Atlanta Chapter.


You can also find me on Instagram acting as a casual film photographer.


Feel free to reach out– I’m happy to connect and learn more about interesting projects and collaboration opportunities.